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Our two newest products are for showers.  They conserve water as well as energy costs to heat the water and reduce sewer charges normally based on water usage. These products are NOT for the person taking the shower, rather they are for the people paying the utility bills.


A Shower Conservation Product

Water Saving Shower Arms  &  Shower Arm Adapters

Featuring  LittleValve  IFR  Water  Control  Technology

Providing a significant return on investment (ROI) to commercial users, government entities and even homeowners, with substantial cost savings for:


Save 5% – 13% of those costs just by installing it before making any adjustments; depending on your shower head, there’s little difference in the feel of the shower.

When reducing flow to use less water, eventually a difference in the feel of the shower will become evident, but it’s YOU who will be in control of the water usage.   It’s YOU who will decide when environmental or economic conditions necessitate a reduction of shower water volume.

Great for parents with kids and guests that love to lounge in the shower.  Great for hotels, motels, gyms, military bases, battleships, cruise ships, schools ……………

    Take control of water usage from person in the shower,

      Give control to the person paying the utility bills.

Nice, chrome-plated 6 inch Shower Arm,
for that nicer, professional look.

Promotional Cost:   $ 23.95
Normal Retail Cost:  $ 27.69 

8 inch also available at $29.95

Shower Arm Adapter – O.K. Chrome job
but when installed in between existing
shower arm and shower head,
hardly noticeable.

Retail Cost:   $  $14.75

Anticipated time to recover costs:  

Shower Arm:   4 – 6 months              Shower Arm Adapter:   2 – 3 months

Call   (866) 200-8590     9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific time

LittleValve IFR Shower Arm Information

Our water conservation products for sprinklers have now been expanded to include conservation products for showers.  The LittleValve Shower Arms and Shower Arm Adapters do the same thing.  They both save big on the costs of water, heating the water, and disposing of water via sewer systems.   That means dollar & cent savings on 3 separate sections of your common utility bills.

For Shower Arm application, the LittleValve is pre-installed into a 6″ or 8″ Shower Arm either on the underside or topside of the arm so it is less noticeable.  The LittleValve screw is stainless steel.  The Arm is generally marketed to owners or managers of buildings with showers, especially a lot of showers.  Examples: hotels, motels, apartments, schools, military bases, gyms, ships, college dormitories and more.

The Shower Arm Adapter also has a pre-installed LittleValve screw.  In this case, the screw is on the side of a plumbing part that has a 1/2″ female, upstream threaded end that is attached to the 1/2″ male threads of an existing shower arm.  The downstream end of the Adapter has a male, threaded end to which your shower head is re-attached.  The Adapter is marketed towards homeowners with children that tend to waste a lot of water when taking showers.  The price of the Adapter is priced less than the Arm and the installation usually takes less than 5 minutes.

NOTE: LittleValve Shower Arms and Shower Arm Adapters are always shipped out of the factory with the LittleValve screw set at the STARTING POINT (SP).  At the SP, the outside end of the LittleValve screw lines up with the exterior surface of the Shower Arm or the Adapter.

Immediate Water Savings Before Adjusting

Our Shower conservation products start saving water, energy and sewer fees immediately upon installation of the Arm or the Adapter.  The more the little screw is turned inward (clockwise) from the SP, the more restricted is the flow, which equals more savings.

Normally, when the Shower Arm or Adapter is first installed, there is little difference in the feel of the water flow from before.  Depending on the brand of shower head or water pressure, oftentimes there is no difference.  Yet, the Shower Arm at the SP is saving between 5% and 11% of the costs of water, heating the water and sewer fees associated with water usage.  The Shower Arm Adapter at the SP is usually saving from 7% – 15% of those costs.

Because of In-stem Flow Regulation (IFR), the person or entity that pays the utility bills has complete control over the shower water flow.   Using reasonable judgment, the cost of the Shower Arm plus the cost of its installation will most likely be recovered in 4 – 6 months; perhaps even as much as 9  – 11 months when the screw is kept closer to the Starting Point.  With the Shower Arm Adapter, the cost is usually recovered in just 2 – 3 months.   Hence, normally with either product, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be outstanding.

Small 1/8″ Allen wrenches are included in
Shower Arm or Shower Arm Adapter packages at no charge.

Both LittleValve shower arm products operate with an easy-to-use Allen wrench:  One size – 1/8″.  The Shower Arm Adapters can be connected to existing shower arms with a convenient but inexpensive 5/8″ X 3/4″ open end wrench.  For your convenience, we offer them for purchase in our store.